Advanced Precision Machining Inc.

We are a modern, hi-tech machining facility located in Southern California.
Our machinists are highly trained and we reduce errors by implementing strict Quality Control standards.

We work together with our customers to create successful results utilizing these procedures and our specialized equipment.

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we are committed to creating a quality product using procedures that strive for zero defects.


We proudly service the aircraft industry, both commercial and military. Ours is a small shop, but our equipment is top-notch and our expertise is vast.

This combination allows us to be very competitively priced with larger machining companies while maintaining the level of customer service that only a smaller shop can provide.


We’ve been servicing the automotive industry for more than 2 decades. From NASCAR to custom motorcycles and cars, we’ll get it done faster and often much less expensively than our competitors.


We service the medical and pharma industry with perfectly machined and calibrated parts. Our quality standards are such that you can rest easy that your own quality standards are never compromised.


We’ve worked with many aerospace companies to provide expertly machined parts that ultimately end up in space serving as invaluable tools for the telecommunications, weather tracking, and geo-positioning industries, to name a few.


We work with industrial automation specialists to improve efficiency in hi-tech production assembly.

Weapon Systems

We’ve worked with many government contractors and directly with the military to provide integral parts to the missile systems which protect our troops and the missile defense systems that protect our nation.

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